February 2, 2014
Antrophia has undergone a huge overhaul. The following changes have been made (not fully inclusive):

  • Revamped layout design
  • LRC and Missiles launch in the background
  • Players are updated on attack
  • Retals never expire
  • Far superior forum
  • Alliance bulk mineral transfers
  • Market is no longer auction
  • Zealot and Undying race can be individually purchased
  • Military requires food and water to survive
  • Investing research has been removed
  • Payments are automatically updated
  • Joining a game starts you with economy buildings
  • Players no longer gain a level when winning a game, rather a leveling experience system
  • Alliance members can view battle reports of players in their alliance
  • Tightened many of the game mechanics
  • Hover over a building in the status page to learn more about it
  • Layout is responsive to any device
  • The backend has been programmed to use new standards - this will allow for easy updates and additions
  • And much more