Feeling old


I like finding bugs but still feeling old


Ahhh the good old days. Funny to see this relic still online. And quite some familiar names. Hi all



Lots of names I recognize here. I was soccer_09. Grisham was famous for Zarth I believe, and Cowpie for Trysaur if my old memory serves me correctly. Booferbill was famous for being a noob. haha jk Hope everyone is doing well.
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I am unable to create a new topic so I need to post here.

I'm in IG which is 1x speed. I have been playing for almost 2 days and 20 hours, with a 48 hour explore bringing me about 1k land. I currently have 10,528 land and 398k population with 125 banks full of cards from the past day.

Alemo21 joined 1 day and 17 hours ago and already has 13,535 land with 0 population. He is generating no income but has grown his land by 35% in the slowest game ever while having no population or army.

Can someone please how it is possible to grow your land at such a quick rate?

I've taken screenshots for reference.

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Grant, if you want people to play the game, you gotta fix the bugs. It was a nice 3-4 days coming back to the game, but I'm not going to play a game where people abuse bugs and are allowed to cheat. If the game ever gets fixed, someone can get ahold of me. Good luck everyone. I'm out for now.
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Heyo! Lets get this back up and running


Nice to see there were updates within the last year. But no active games...anything going on?