From what I have read, there is no expiration on retals. I think retals are counterproductive to the game in general, but I would like to suggest that there be something for the attacker who hands out multiple retals. I was thinking it would be nice to have a training multiplier so for example, I get hit, i get protection. I get retaled, I get the protection that is normally given and also a 2x speed boost in my unit training.. basically a double shot of endo and armidi. for a time duration that is maybe equal to the protection given.
If i get retaled again, (hit while under protection) I would get a 3x multiplier to training army units. for the duration of the protection given there. If i am retaled again and from here out it would be a 4x multiplier for the duration of protection given.

I know this sounds complicated and all, but this is a war game, and besides managing an army from attacks, you shouldnt have to worry bout people getting free hits on you while your compromised.

with retals as they are you can basically be killed in your sleep and have no defense for it .

this discourages attacking in my opinion, or even worse, someone attack with intentions to lose for the sake of not handing our a retal.

the unlimited retal was already tried and was unsuccessful. all you do is encourage power building over attacking

if anything, I would like to see more spacing between retals when you are getting hit multiple times.

if i get retaled the first one would be the standard 30 min, but if another one hits add another 30 min.
and so on. till the 5th retal would have to wait 2 hrs after the 4th retaler hits or something like that

antrophia was at it best when you could freely attack people without any chance of being ganged on, tbh
unless you think that a new player just power up and attack some people. You know noobies just hit everyone.. then come back and get all the land you took off plus way more cus you were retalled 5 times while you slept. with that set up you encourage new people to power up at low powers and just feed under 5 million power and power down at the end of the day. this will null retals.

plus the unlimited retal time what if i was at 5 million, and hit you at 7 million and log off

you log in and unload train and train another train and another and get yourself at 25 mill while im asleep and hit me..
that's a definite possibility..

How bout the possibility of your in an alliance and hit someone with war rule and win. you handed a guy a retal to use when ever he wants to.. so while he has anyone around you hitting you for the next 12-48hrs or however long .. maybe up to a week?? longer??
he can train up higher to tee off on you.

Retals are just cheap implementations in my opinion at least, and could we even try to have a game or 2 without retals?