Okay, what gives here? I didn't create an alliance yet I am in one, nor can I disband it. Why is my name showing up as BLONK5K1???
Why did I not even get to pick race? Why can I not log in to my normal account? Like honestly....WTF?


MiyagiEyes, your name showed up as BLONK5k1 because there was a registration bug occuring where when you registered, you took someone else's ID and the person with that ID had already joined a game. I have removed you from the alliance and destroyed it. If you would like to change your race, let me know which one you would like and Ill get you updated.
Are you not entertained?


Thanks Grant. I can live with the race. Yet, would it be possible for me to have you get and old ID back for next round or whenever your done testing?

Thanks again


hey i mayagieyes i sent you a message, did you receive it?
Nice having this game back. Thank you Grant