Game Rules


Antrophia has a no tolerance policy on cheating. This includes, but not limited to, the use of bots, scripts, browser refreshing, playing other user's account, and abusing bugs. If a user is found cheating, all accounts in question will be reset and deactivated. Any loopholes a user finds which, if exploited, affect the continued integrity of the game must be reported. Please contact [email protected]


Profiles are to be kept clean. No profanity, racist or sexist remarks, or comments about other members in the Antrophia community made to cause harm. Masking words with asterisks, other characters, and other spellings to hide the word with meaning intact is still the same as using the words. Users will be given only one warning to remove the profile in question. Should a user choose not to remove it, the account will become frozen for a minimum 24 hour period (dependant on how many and the severity of the offense(s)) and the profile in question will be removed for when time is available to do so. Multiple warnings may lead to account deactivation.


Appropriate alliance name's only. Offensive alliance names are NOT tolerated, within reason, and the alliance will be automatically renamed to an administrators or moderators choice.