Living Areas

1 Living Area holds 150 people

The foundation of building a successful empire. Each living area holds a maximum of 150 people who all pay their taxes in Cardisium. Build Nutrition Suppliers and Water Purifiers to nourish your population and keep them alive. When your food or water supply diminishes enough to the point where your population cannot survive, half of your empires population gets eradicated.

Police Stations

1 Police Station protects 1000 people

Are very important in keeping order for three reasons: 1. Rebels, 2. Spies, and 3. Mercenaries. Rebels occur when you have to many people in your population than what your police stations can cover. Rebels do not pay their taxes and will only become part of the normal population with more reinforcement. Spies are sent from other players to gain information about your empire, the greater excess of policing, the less likelier their spies will return. Mercenaries work similar to spies but instead of gaining information, they assassinate your army...

Water Purifiers

1 Water Purifier hydrates 400 people

Produce water for your empire instead of food, and like food, if there is not enough water, 50% of your population will cease to exist.

Nutrition Suppliers

1 Nutrition Supplier feeds 250 people

Provide food for your economy. If your population ever runs out of food, 50% of your population will starve and die. This pattern reoccurs until you have enough food for your population.


Each Bank can store up to 250,000 cardisium

Offer a place to store money where no enemy can touch it while offering interest. Banks offer a 5% interest rate a day.



The more Barracks the faster you can train; up to 4000 barracks.

Without these, you wont be able to train and build your armies. The more units, the more power. To decrease the amount of time it takes to train an army, build more barracks. Building barracks will grant you access to building your army, attacking other empires, your attack log, raiding rebels if necassary, missiles, and changing your army configuration.

Missile Bases

20 Missile Bases hold 1 Missile

Once you have over 500,000 power, not will you only be able to attack people, but you can then launch missiles. Use the missile bases to store your missiles, use the factories to construct them, and power plants to get the energy you need to fire them.

Spy Stations

Each Spy Station holds 1 Spy

Become useful when you need to send a mercenary out against your enemy or begin spy training to send out and gain information on a target's building, resources, or research.


Each Turret uses 10 energy per day, and 150 per use in battle.

Have the first round of retalliation when being attacked by an enemy army. Turrets require energy to fire, so be sure to build power plants.


Impact Shields


Are used when you know an alliance is going to target your alliance with their Long Range Cannon (LRC). Impact shields disperse the damage dealt from the LRC resulting in less damage.

Discharge Shields


If star wars are too expensive, consider building these for a cheaper line of defense. Blast shields absorb the energy taken from missiles but unfortunately are destroyed from the damage. Each unit requires 2.5 energy a day.

Star Wars


Fly around above your empire protecting you from enemy missiles with laser technology developed in the 21st century. By far the most effective way to eleminate missile threats.


Mineral Extractors

Mineral Extractors give you the ability to mine your race's minerals.

Will extract the raw materials from your land that you need to construct advanced objects, such as scanners. Each race can currently mine 5 different minerals, of which 3 are race specific.


Factories allow you to build Scanners, Missiles, and speed up builds; no limit;

Can help three key areas of your empire: 1. Aid Construction, 2. Missiles, 3. Scanners. The more factories you have, the more you can get done. Change your factories percentage to help one or as many as you would like. Factories helping with construction speed up the building process of your structures. Factories working on missiles will begin to stockpile your resources with missiles up to the maximum amount you can hold. Lastly, the more factories used to build scanners, the more scanner you will produce in the same amount of time.

Science Labs

Science Labs give you the ability to research different aspects of your empire.

Offer a way of increasing your empires effectiveness in different ways, such as increasing your agricultural effectiveness, combat power, power plant effectiveness, and decreasing energy consumption from turrets.

Power Plants

Each Power Plants supplies you with 150 energy.

Provide energy for several occassions ranging from launching missiles, maintaining shields, and when your turrets need energy to fire.